Where to Find Killer Real Estate Deals

Discover bright, fresh NEW tactics for finding bargain steal-of-a-deal properties! | taught by Robert Boog
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Course description

This course includes Flip Analyzer Software to help you figure out whether a home might make a good flip or not. 

Reality TV shows often make flipping houses look easy. Yet often the hardest part is just LOCATING a
 bargain property. Where do you find them?
This course will help increase your odds for finding a killer real estate deal, and includes SOFTWARE to analyze deals. (It alone might be worth the cost of this course!)  You'll also get sample contracts, deeds, worksheets step-by-step instructions and MORE!

To start with though, ask any real estate guru about where to find bargain property and you'll often hear the same advice -- like locate a home that is 30% or MORE under market! (Not EASY!) 
Or meet a  "starving seller" who wants to give it away. (Right, like starving sellers wear T-shirts!)
Ask an owner with lots of equity and lowball him. 
So the truth is, most of these gurus just mail out postcards inviting people to attend hotel seminars where they'll make a pitch to buy their high-priced sales training.
Finding Killer Real Estate Deals is different because it shows the average Joe where to look to find property that is below market value in today's market. The course offers several true life (and semi-humorous) stories from a 30+ year career in buying and selling homes. The instructor, Bob Boog has been successfully selling real estate since 1978.
Yet much more than that, the Finding Killer Real Estate course will open your eyes to some clever tactics as well as nurturing relationships with people as a better way of where to locate a steal-of-a-deal. This is not a "get-rich-quick" scheme course but at the same time people have used these tactics to make big money. In addition, this course hopes to dispel the three common myths that most newbie investors hear: 
  • Myth 1. You need to locate a MOTIVATED seller to get a good deal. NOT TRUE says Bob. Many good deals come from UNMOTIVATED sellers like Scrooge from the Christmas Carol. 
  • Myth 2. You need to drive a hard bargain to get a great deal. NOT TRUE. Sometimes a little sugar helps lead a horse into a barn much more effectively than beating his ass with a stick!
  • Myth 3. The EASIEST way to find a great deal is to lowball an owner with lots of equity. NOT TRUE.There are many easier ways to find a killer deal than this one!
In addition, the Finding Killer Real Estate Deals Course offers access to SOFTWARE designed by Bob Boog to quickly analyze a property's flip potential. 
He also includes access to SAMPLE CONTRACTS, DEEDS and FORMS. 
If you have ever wanted to attend one of those hyped "free" events at hotels that promise to give you real estate deals on a silver platter [as long as you pay a $2,500+ fee for additional training] then this little program may be the best investment you will make this year!
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Robert Boog
Robert Boog
Real estate broker, author

By age 23, Robert Boog had graduated from UCLA with a BA in English, sold over 1 million dollars worth of real estate and had purchased a home of his own. The author of Selling Homes 1-2-3, Real Estate Sales from Hell and Selling Outside the Square reveals his secrets for finding bargain properties that are unlike most of the advice you will hear from traditional real estate gurus.

Robert Boog: rboog91355@gmail.com